“Is she really 60?”: Elizabeth Hurley shares her first with her fans

Even younger women don’t look this good!

Elizabeth Hurley, the remarkable British actress, has undergone a stunning transformation that has left many in awe, making her appear more gorgeous than actresses in their thirties. Recently, on June 27th, new photos of the 58-year-old star emerged online, creating quite a buzz. The attention was drawn to her strikingly deep neckline, emphasizing her firm and radiant bust, making her look as if she were barely 30.

In her vibrant fuchsia velvet gown adorned with a lacy hem and a diamond heart pendant, Elizabeth exuded the same feminine and glamorous allure she’s known for from her “Austin Powers” days. Observing her pictures, one can’t help but wonder about the secret behind her impeccable figure and posture.

During a recent interview, Elizabeth Hurley revealed her disciplined diet regime, which plays a significant role in maintaining her youthful appearance. She follows a diet of clean, healthy foods, consuming three meals a day. Additionally, she incorporates soups to obtain natural collagen, a practice popular among celebrities and supermodels.

Her dietary plan includes:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with banana.

Lunch: Vegetable soup with chicken broth.

Dinner: Oily fish paired with vegetables, such as trout or hake.

For dessert, she indulges in dark chocolate, chia pudding (not daily), or homemade jam made from farm-fresh berries.

In total, Elizabeth consumes around 1,800 kcal per day. Her commitment to a balanced diet and lifestyle undoubtedly contributes to her age-defying appearance.

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