“The diva’s mother”: Angelina Jolie shared archive photos of her mother 

She is much more beautiful than her famous daughter

In 2007, actress Angelina Jolie tragically lost her mother. While the actress seldom discussed her, she recently decided to break that silence and share some vintage photographs of her mom.

In these pictures, the star unveiled her mother’s youthful appearance, and many users noticed a striking resemblance between their facial features.

The actress’s fans were ecstatic to see these rare glimpses of her mother’s beauty. Some even candidly commented that the Hollywood star’s mom possessed an even greater allure than her famous daughter.

“Such a beauty!” “She’s even prettier than her daughter!” “Her aristocratic look is captivating!” “Now I understand where Jolie gets her stunning looks from!” “She looks absolutely amazing!” – these were just a few of the heartfelt comments flooding the post.

It’s evident that the fans were enamored by the diva’s mother’s appearance and admired her timeless allure.

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