“Beautiful and unexpected couple”: Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen with his young girlfriend

Fans have taken a liking to the new girlfriend of the legendary actor

It might be challenging to find someone unfamiliar with the star from the “Terminator” series. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned actor, bodybuilder, and former politician, has consistently captured the interest of his admirers, especially regarding his personal life.

The dissolution of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marriage to Maria Shriver was not only highly publicized but also ranked among the longest in Hollywood’s history. The process began in 2011, and the official conclusion of their relationship occurred only recently.

Shriver was presumed to have remained single after the end of their marriage, but the “Terminator” star has found companionship. His partner is Heather Milligan, a professional physical therapist. Arnold, at the age of 75, has been in a relationship with 48-year-old physical therapist Heather since 2013. Despite the substantial age gap, their affection for each other has endured over the years. The couple exemplifies that even a 27-year difference poses no obstacle when it comes to matters of love.

Heather Milligan may not share the same level of fame as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but even before they began their relationship, she had successfully established a clinic focused on orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

She even served at the Arnold Strongman Classic, a competition founded by Schwarzenegger himself, providing therapy to some of the competitors. Perhaps, this event marked the beginning of their romantic relationship. Schwarzenegger and Milligan are not frequently seen at public events. The couple leads a relatively discreet lifestyle, cherishing their personal space and preferring to focus on each other, thus avoiding persistent media attention.

However, there are instances where photographers manage to capture them together, such as during a bike ride after a workout. Even though Arnold’s bodybuilding career has ended, he continues to maintain excellent physical condition.

And Heather has earned the admiration of fans. Her youthful appearance defies her 48 years, and her physique can be compared to that of a much younger woman. Internet users, upon seeing recent photos of the couple, commented: “Schwarzenegger is a lucky man.”

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