“He’s Aged a Lot.” Zeta Jones Captured a Kiss With Her 78-year-old Husband

Catherine Zeta-Jones, 53, and her 78-year-old husband Michael Douglas shared a kiss. When community customers considered the brand new movie of the mayor, who has considerably aged over the previous couple of months, they shuddered.

“Douglas has visibly aged”, “He’s aged so much”, “They’re not a pair”, “A younger girl deserves to have a person her personal age round.

She’s married to a grandfather”, “Ladies who married their grandfathers, look what your husbands will likely be like in a few years”, “Stunning couple”, “They’ve come an extended and completely satisfied method. Don’t be jealous,” “Hollywood’s most stunning couple.”

“And I’ve all the time favored them,”

“They appear nice collectively regardless of the age distinction,” I learn below the Zeta-Jones put up. How do you’re feeling about unequal marriages? Do you want this couple? 

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