“Most loyal friend”: 12-year-old boy always carries his best friend on his back

They have been together for 6 years

Those fortunate enough to have loyal friends in their lives are truly blessed, as they offer unwavering support regardless of circumstances.

We were deeply moved by a story that unfolded in the Chinese province of Sichuan, and we feel compelled to share it with you. At just 4 years old, a boy named Zhang Jie received a devastating diagnosis of a severe illness. Gradually losing control of his muscles, he eventually became unable to walk.

Despite his health challenges, Zhang was determined to continue his education and go to school every day. All thanks to his devoted friend and classmate, Xu Bingyan, who carries Zhang on his back to class.

Bingyan remains a constant presence by his friend’s side, accompanying him to the restroom during breaks, to the school cafeteria, and even assisting him with their homework. The young boy finds joy in helping his friend, understanding the importance of receiving an education and ensuring that Zhang is not deprived of such an opportunity.

“I weigh 40 kilograms, while Zhang weighs 25. So, I can easily carry him on my back,” proudly states Bingyan.

“Xu is my best friend. He has done so many wonderful things for me. I am always grateful for his care and support.” Xu himself dreams of pursuing a profession in the future that allows him to continue helping others and making a positive impact on the community.

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