“So adorable!”: Bruce Willis shared a photo with his 2-month-old granddaughter

The actor decided to retire from his Hollywood career

It recently became known that Bruce Willis is suffering from a serious illness called aphasia, which affects his speech and memory. Unfortunately, this condition cannot be cured. In the past, Bruce had to use a device in his ear to help him accurately convey lines, but even that is no longer possible.

For this reason, he has decided to step back from his Hollywood career.

Bruce Willis lives with his wife Emma Hemings and their two youngest daughters. His ex-wife Demi Moore also lives with the family and helps Emma take care of Bruce.

The actor’s older daughters also frequently visit. Just a few months ago, his eldest daughter Rumer became a mother for the first time.

Rumer recently shared heartwarming photos of her father holding her little daughter Luetta. These pictures deeply touched people on the internet.

Bruce’s daughters are deeply affected by the news of his illness and hope that medical advancements could offer him a chance for healing.

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