“I want my natural appearance back!”: Famous Madame Michelle and what she looks like now

Her followers keep criticizing her for her decisions

In the 1990s, a well-known performer named I. Goncharuk gained fame under the pseudonym Madame Michelle. Unfortunately, her attractive appearance was lost after she was attacked by unknown assailants.

For a considerable period, very little was known about the singer. However, she chose not to isolate herself and maintained active personal profiles on various online platforms.

Critics often harbor animosity towards her and sometimes suggest that she might have been transgender in the past. Additionally, the performer is accused of going overboard with plastic surgeries.

Michelle, however, has grown accustomed to ignoring the opinions of others. Recently, during a television appearance, she even expressed her intention to regain her former attractiveness through further plastic surgery.

Her followers have already begun to criticize her for excessive eyebrow tattooing and lip augmentation.

In contrast, Michelle also shares pictures of herself when she was younger, demonstrating that she had already experienced lip augmentation at that time.

Interestingly, despite her altered appearance, she managed to find love and start a family, being married and raising two children. Her husband openly declares that he loves his wife for reasons beyond her physical appearance.

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