“Exhausted old man”: 72-year-old Richard Gere appeared in public with his young wife

Gere always compliments his wife’s radiant appearance

Gere has been married three times, with his third wife, A. Silva, being 30 years younger than him. A. Silva, a true beauty, is the heiress of the vice president of “Real Madrid” club.

Before marrying the actor, she led a generous lifestyle, largely funded by alimony from her previous marriage to a billionaire. Gere himself has often complimented his partner’s vibrant presence, stating that she is impeccable in every way.

In turn, Alejandra has expressed deep love for her husband. The couple’s recent public appearance has sparked many online discussions.

Currently, Richard is 72 years old, which emphasizes their significant age difference. The once captivating brunette has transformed into an elderly gentleman: he has visibly slimmed down, and his hair has turned gray, yet his charming smile remains.

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