“Stunning but Lonely”: 84-year-old Michelle Mercier 59 Years After the Premiere of “Angelica”

The actress is seen as a beauty standard even today

Again in the ’60s, stunning Michelle Mercier was the muse for top-notch designers and filmmakers.

Now, at the age of 83, one would never guess Michelle’s age just by looking at her—it’s simply unbelievable! The actress, whose real name is Jocelyn Yvonne Mercier, has appeared in 55 films and three television series throughout her career. However, her astounding popularity blossomed after playing the role of Angelica, propelling her to immense fame in the ’60s.

The actress was born in the city of Nice in 1939.

Her debut role was in the film “I Had Seven Daughters,” where Michelle made a brief cameo appearance and delivered a single line.

To this day, the actress is seen as a beauty standard and serves as an example of how one can maintain their beauty and grooming at her age without the need for plastic surgeries or cosmetologists.

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