“I will fight against aging in any way I can”: 66-year-old Kim Cattrall talks about her beauty

“I portray a certain type of woman who has a specific appearance”

Following the announcement of her highly anticipated return to the continuation of “Sex and the City,” titled “And Just Like That,” 66-year-old Kim Cattrall sat down for an open and candid interview with The Sunday Times, discussing how her approach to personal appearance and the aging process has evolved over the years. The actress confessed to using Botox and hyaluronic fillers to maintain a youthful look.

She emphasized the importance of having a trustworthy surgeon and sufficient financial resources when undergoing such treatments.

Cattrall, who not only reprises her iconic role as Samantha Jones but also prepares to portray a beauty magnate in the Netflix series “Glamorous,” expressed her desire to present the “best version of herself.”

“I do everything I can because fortunately, I have the means to do it,” she continued. “It’s not just about vanity. I embody a certain type of woman with a specific appearance. Professionally, I take self-care seriously.”

Interestingly, in 2011, Kim had a somewhat different perspective on cosmetic procedures. Back then, she proclaimed herself “ready to embrace aging.”

More recently, it was revealed what convinced Kim Cattrall to return to “Sex and the City,” despite her previous claims that she would never join the project because she felt her character had been fully explored. It wasn’t just the substantial salary that made her change her mind.

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