“Basketball girl”: how the girl with no legs lives now at the age of 21

Her family found an interesting solution to the problem

Qian Hongyan, a young girl, serves as a powerful inspiration to many, demonstrating the importance of perseverance and relentless pursuit of goals. Her remarkable journey has a significant impact on individuals with disabilities.

Qian’s extraordinary story began when she was just four years old, enduring a devastating car accident that resulted in the loss of both her legs. Unfortunately, her family lacked the financial means to acquire prosthetic limbs, forcing them to adapt to a new way of life.

Initially, Qian’s parents carried her in their arms. However, her grandfather ingeniously devised a unique contraption to assist her mobility. He repurposed a basketball, fashioning it to accommodate Qian while providing her with sticks to push off with her arms.

The family captured a video of the young girl navigating her surroundings in this unconventional manner, and it quickly became an internet sensation. As a result, Qian Hongyan gained global recognition as “the girl on the basketball.”

Witnessing Qian’s incredible determination as she independently made her way to school with her improvised device left everyone in awe. Although the journey took her considerably longer – approximately an hour, compared to the usual seven minutes – her unwavering determination shone through.

At the age of eight, with the assistance of the government, Qian received prosthetic limbs, marking a significant milestone as she took her first steps.

Furthermore, this breakthrough enabled her to pursue her passion for swimming, a cherished dream she had always held. Equipped with her prostheses, Qian wholeheartedly dedicated herself to honing her swimming skills. For an extended period, she longed to participate in the Paralympic Games but faced numerous obstacles. However, in 2016, her dreams finally materialized.

Today, she stands as a triumphant champion swimmer, adorned with numerous medals and renowned worldwide. Qian Hongyan serves as a true role model for all those teetering on the brink of giving up. Her indomitable spirit and victorious mindset resonate, providing reassurance that if she possesses the strength to thrive and conquer, so can anyone else.

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