“Al Pacino is about to have a baby”: Robert De Niro congratulated his colleague on becoming a father

You appreciate life even more when you’re old

Robert De Niro expressed his opinion about the impending fatherhood of Al Pacino. Additionally, the actor shared his joy about the recent birth of his own daughter. The septuagenarian actor surprised many when he revealed the birth of his newborn daughter, whom he named Gia. The mother of the girl is 45-year-old Tiffany Chen. Shortly after, it was announced that 83-year-old Al Pacino is also about to become a father. His partner, Noor Alfallah, is eight months pregnant. While this is De Niro’s seventh child, Pacino already has three children.

When asked if he had extended his congratulations to his longtime colleague, De Niro admitted that he hadn’t done so yet. “Not yet. I just found out about it… But I’m happy for him,” the actor said. After the news of Pacino’s impending fatherhood broke, internet users began debating which of the two stars was more attractive in their youth. Online discussions remain unresolved, with ongoing disputes in the comment sections. When asked about this subject, De Niro offered a diplomatic response to ET online, stating, “I don’t know what to say. 50/50.”

Later on the Today show, Robert reiterated his happiness for his friend, highlighting Pacino’s seniority compared to himself. “Look, Al Pacino is waiting for a child too, I found out yesterday morning, and he’s a few years older than me. Good for him, I’m really happy for him,” the actor declared. As for his own situation, the Oscar winner expressed that being a father again has brought him comfort. His baby girl inspires De Niro, and he invests his energy in caring for the newborn.

“It helps. I don’t do the hard work, I confess, but I try. It’s not like I haven’t done it years ago, but I’m doing my best. She’s absolutely adorable—a little innocent being. It’s just wonderful,” Robert explained. The father of seven children feels that he has reached a new level of awareness at his age. However, he finds himself learning new things, which he considers enjoyable.

“I’ve reached a certain awareness—as you get older, you develop an understanding of life’s elements, including family dynamics. Inevitably, you learn how to manage them and deal with them. It’s remarkable, but I’m truly excited about it,” De Niro concluded.

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