“The mom of the Hollywood beauty”: What the mother of Angelina Jolie looked like in her youth

She is as stunning as her daughter

Here are some rare images of Jolie’s mother during her youth that are not often seen. These unique archive photos were shared by Jolie herself on her mother’s 73rd birthday.

Sadly, her mother passed away 15 years ago due to a common cancer that runs in their family. She was only 58 at the time and her loss brought immense sadness to the family.

It’s important to note that Jolie herself carries a faulty BRCA1 gene, which increases her risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

Taking proactive measures to avoid the same fate as her mother, she has been actively spreading awareness and encouraging women to prioritize their health.

Jolie strongly advises women to undergo regular cancer screenings to detect any signs early and prevent the disease from progressing.

By sharing her own experiences and advocating for self-care, she honors the memory of her late parent and hopes to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

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