“His father’s copy”: Clint Eastwood’s charming son, who has long been forgotten

Father did not recognize his son for a long time

Clint Eastwood gained fame by playing roles in classic American Westerns. His charm, masculinity, and striking looks captivated a multitude of fans. For years, the actor was regarded as one of the most prominent sex symbols in Hollywood. His compelling performances made him the subject of admiration from women worldwide, although he has been married only twice.

Despite this, Eastwood was never known to be a devoted husband. His numerous extramarital affairs were no secret. Particularly, one of these affairs led to the birth of a son. The mother named him Scott. For a long period, Clint Eastwood refused to acknowledge Scott as his son.

Eastwood initially questioned Scott’s paternity. It wasn’t until Scott turned 16 that Eastwood decided to meet him. To his surprise, Eastwood discovered that Scott was the spitting image of his younger self.

The resemblance was so striking that the actor felt no need for a DNA test. Eventually, Clint Eastwood managed to build a relationship with his son. Scott chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now a renowned actor and model.

Fans are amazed by the striking resemblance between father and son, often commenting online that Scott is “like a carbon copy of his father.”

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