“Treating her broken heart”: how Audrey Hepburn found happiness only after 50 years

Her life took an unexpected turn due to several circumstances.

Audrey Hepburn, a true legend of old Hollywood, remains an iconic figure admired by millions for her timeless beauty and style. Interestingly, Audrey herself never considered herself beautiful, often expressing dissatisfaction with her long nose, slender frame, and large feet.

During her childhood, she dreamt of becoming a ballerina, but her life took an unexpected turn due to World War II, eventually leading her towards a career in acting. Despite achieving tremendous success, including winning an Oscar and gaining public recognition and adoration, Audrey secretly longed for something more – simple, feminine happiness.

At one point in her life, the young actress engaged in a romantic affair with actor William Holden, disregarding his marital status and children. Audrey’s aspirations revolved around marriage and starting a family, but her hopes were shattered when she discovered that Holden had undergone a secret vasectomy, knowing how much she desired children.

Consequently, their relationship abruptly ended. Shortly after, director Mel Ferrer entered Hepburn’s life, becoming her first husband. The marriage faced its fair share of challenges, including multiple miscarriages, but they eventually became parents with the birth of their son, Sean. Unfortunately, after 14 years of marriage, the couple separated. Devastated and emotionally crushed, Audrey sought solace and healing through therapy with a psychiatrist. In this process, she found a new love and eventually married her psychiatrist, Andrea Dotti. Together, they had a son named Luke. However, the marriage proved mentally exhausting for Audrey, enduring her husband’s infidelity and reproaches. True personal happiness eluded her until she reached the age of fifty when she found love and contentment with her co-star Robert Walders, who happened to be seven years her junior. Their age difference posed no obstacle to their happiness.

In her later years, Audrey dedicated herself primarily to charitable activities, largely retiring from acting. She traveled to different countries, providing assistance to the less fortunate and the sick. Unfortunately, Audrey paid little attention to her own health, unaware that cancer was silently ravaging her body. Even surgery failed to overcome the illness. In 1993, at the age of only 63, Audrey Hepburn passed away, leaving behind an immeasurable legacy. Over 25 million people came to bid farewell to the legendary actress, a testament to the profound impact she had on countless lives.

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