“Failed photoshop attempts”: Photos of Monica Bellucci that were edited too much

Something clearly didn’t go as planned.

Recently, images from the actress’s recent photoshoot surfaced on the internet. We are accustomed to seeing her in top form, but something clearly didn’t go as planned this time.

Monica Bellucci, 58 years old, has repeatedly stated that she will not hide her age. The actress takes pride in every wrinkle and believes she can still be in demand in the industry at such a mature age. Bellucci asserts that she is not fascinated by beauty photographs, an athletic lifestyle, or strict diets. She enjoys meditation and yoga but doesn’t give up gastronomic delights like her favorite pasta or a glass of wine.

The artist continues to act in films and regularly participates in photoshoots. For example, she recently appeared on the cover of the French edition of Vanity Fair magazine. Fans have been anticipating the initial photos and the printed version of the magazine ever since the photoshoot was announced a long time ago.

Despite the cover being described as “refined,” the rest of the photos from the shoot are disturbing. Initially, fans assumed that Monica chose to be photographed in a new-fangled neural network style: a kind of blend between artwork and live photography. However, this was not mentioned in the story or on Vanity Fair’s social media.

The clothing Bellucci wears in the images is refined. However, a tragedy occurred with her face: in the photo with the white blazer, she appears to be a victim of terrible plastic surgery, and in the photo with the black coat, her right eye simply “floated.” We can’t find any other explanation for such a disaster than the Photoshop master who has a personal vendetta against the actress.

The incident horrified fans, who accessed the comment section to express their outrage.

“What have you done to the most beautiful woman in the world?”, “This is horrifying”, “Monica is unrecognizable”, “Is this a joke?”, “Fire your responsible photographer”, “This is just a mockery of Bellucci”, “What a nightmare, why would you do this to her?” – the fans of Italian beauty wrote.

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