“She is my perfect match”: Plus size model showed off her happy honeymoon photos

This couple is a true inspiration of everyone

Alicia McCarvel rose to internet stardom after sharing a photograph from her wedding reception. The image of this Canadian couple challenges traditional stereotypes of what a compatible pair should look like.

Alicia’s husband, a man with a perfectly sculpted physique, stands in stark contrast to her own appearance. Despite receiving critical comments online, the couple continues to share their unfiltered life and genuine relationship on Instagram. Take a look at some photos that may shift your perspective on romantic partnerships.

“Isn’t it wonderful that they found each other?” “The most important thing is that they are happy together, right?” “What’s wrong with that?”

“They don’t seem to match at all.” “It’s difficult to consider them a harmonious couple.”

“I really admire these individuals.” “Alicia is such a charming woman.” “But how did he end up marrying her?” – people posted under Alicia and her partner’s pictures.

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