“The birthmark is gone!”: The little girl with a rare skin condition became a worldwide sensation

Parents could not afford full recovery

Luna Fenner, a little girl born with a rare skin condition called nevus, has recently gained worldwide attention for her story. The condition covered almost the entirety of her face and required urgent treatment to prevent it from turning into a cancerous tumor.

American doctors recommended 80 surgeries, which were unaffordable for Luna’s parents. However, they couldn’t afford to waste time searching for other options.

Fortunately, they learned about a Russian surgeon named Pavel Popov, who offered his services at a much lower cost than his foreign colleagues. Luna’s parents agreed, and they stayed in Russia for more than two years, during which several successful surgeries were performed.

Thanks to Dr. Popov’s treatment, Luna’s “Batman mask” birthmark has been completely removed, although some scars remain on her face. With a few more surgeries, these scars will be unnoticeable.

While Luna’s mother is relieved that the most challenging part is over, she can’t shake off a painful memory. During a church visit, another little girl called Luna a “monster,” and her mother had to intervene. It’s heartbreaking to know that some people can be so cruel, especially to a sweet little girl who has already been through so much.

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