“Changed beyond recognition!”: Bill Gates spotted on a walk by the paparazzi

Life hardships have had their affect on his appearance

The news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce after 27 years of marriage has been making headlines all over the world since early May. While the couple has stated their desire to separate amicably and without pointing fingers at each other, many internet users have been quick to come up with various theories about the reasons behind their split.

Some speculate that Bill had been unfaithful and constantly harassing his wife, while others believe that Melinda had been planning the divorce for a long time. Regardless, the divorce proceedings are now in full swing, with Bill Gates’ financial manager already giving his wife $3 billion worth of stock in a US company.

Melinda, on the other hand, received stock in a company that produces agricultural, construction, and logging equipment, as well as a stake in a train network operator, a major car dealer, a popular beverage maker, and even a Mexican television company.

Melinda acquired inventory in an organization that manufactures agricultural, development, and logging tools. She additionally acquired a stake within the practice community operator, one of many main automobile sellers, a preferred drinks maker, and even a Mexican tv agency.

Furthermore, Melinda stands to gain much more than just a significant amount of money. She is set to receive a $130 million art collection, private jets, properties, and multiple residences, including Leonardo da Vinci’s personal notebook from the fifteenth century!

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