“Everything for his idol”: This guy underwent over 10 operations to look like Britney Spears

Some of her fans do strange things to get her attention

In the 2000s, Britney Spears was a massively popular singer with millions of fans worldwide. Some of them were so enamored with the beloved celebrity that they did strange and even bizarre things.

As a result, a young American named Brian Ray became so obsessed with the popular singer that he decided to become an exact replica of her. The first step was modifying the curve of his lips to achieve Britney’s “signature” smile.

But he didn’t stop there. Brian underwent over 100 surgeries, giving him a look remarkably similar to Britney Spears in her early years.

He maintains his appearance with Botox injections, which he gets every six months, and simply ignores the numerous taunts, claiming that he is extremely satisfied with his look.

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