“He is already walking”: Jeremy Renner appeared on the red carpet for the first time after the accident

The actor was in pain, but tried to hide it

On January 1, the two-time Oscar nominee was almost killed by his own snow groomer while cleaning the road next ot his house in Lake Tahoe, California. Renner was allowed to appear in public only after a number of surgeries and three months of rehabilitation. After the rehabilitation, the actor appeared on the red carpet accompanied by his 10-year-old daughter Ava. The mother of the girl is actress Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy’s ex-wife.

The famous actor and his daughter attended the Los Angeles premiere of the Disney + Rennervations collection. Jeremy was wearing a white shirt, a dark-blue suit and a matching tie. The actor could walk with the help of a cane and. His daughter was also a great help to him. 

Ava appeared in a navy blue dress with a flowing skirt and white sandals. The girl complemented her look with gold jewelry. This was Ava’s very first appearance on the red carpet, so she was quite shy being in the spotlight. But her father was there to comfort her.

According to insiders, the actor playing the role of Clint Barton (Falcon Eye) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in a lot of pain during the walk, although he tried not to show it. Renner even posed for some photos without his cane. 

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