“Ginger curls and thin lips”: How Nicole Kidman looked before her fame and plastic surgeries

Here are some archival photos from the youth of the Hollywood star!

Although the iconic actress Nicole Kidman is already 55 years old, she doesn’t stop stunning everyone with her ageless beauty and attractiveness. She has always been distinguished not only with her great talent, but also with her extreme beauty.

She has never been considered outrageous or vulgar, and always delighted her fans with her elegance and femininity. Her skin, hair and blue eyes always attract everyone.

However, the opinions of netizens differ greatly, especially when some of her archival photos appeared on the Internet. In the photos you can see the actress before all the plastic surgeries. The actress was born in Australia, where she made her first steps into the world of cinema.

The first time Kidman appeared on the screens was in the film Bush Christmas, where she appeared in ginger curly hair and thin lips. Her current appearance greatly differs from how she looked in the past.

Few people actually believed that she might one day succeed in the film industry. However, we can now clearly see, that she has become one of the most famous Hollywood actresses.

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