“Aging is not in her plans!”: The recent look of Rachel Weisz delighted everyone

Evelyn from “The Mummy” still charms fans with her beauty!

Here is the always young brunette who’s endowed with a fascinating and unearthly appearance that attracts everyone. One might say that her genes undoubtedly did a great job.

No matter unbelievable it may sound, it has been already 24 years since the release of the film “The Mummy”. Beautiful Rachel Weisz goes against nature and doesn’t age.

Despite being 53, Rachel appears to not have changed in any respect in the course of time. This turned fairly clear after her look on the British Academy Movie Awards where she appeared on the red carpet with her mind-blowing beauty.

With such an indescribably stunning look and sense of style, there is no need for heavy makeup. The recent paparazzi pictures have confirmed that she isn’t going to age and is able to captivate everybody with her attractiveness and charisma.

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