“She took a brave step!”: Cameron Diaz decided to give up her career and devote herself to her family

Fans appreciate her decision and are sure that she is a wonderful mother and a devoted wife

Many of you know this stunning woman, actress Cameron Diaz, who decided to give up her career to devote her life to her family. It’s not an easy task, but she took a bold step.

When she married musician Benji Madden, she began to focus on her new family and turned down many job offers. At first, she did not want to have children, but when her daughter was born in 2019, her life changed immediately.

She devoted herself completely to her child and gave up her performances, thinking that it interfered with being a loving mother and devoted wife.

She stayed away from the big screen for three years, but then heeded the advice of her fans to return to her career and played a role in the film «Back to Action».

But her return to her career lasted very short, and after finishing her performance in the movie, she made a final decision to stop working for an indefinite period.

She thinks that her career disturbs her to concentrate on her family and pay attention to her daughter’s upbringing.

Despite the fact that her husband supports her in everything and offers her to return to her acting career, she is confident in her decision and doesn’t want to change her mind.

Her bold decision is surprising for the fans, however, they appreciate her step and are sure that she is a wonderful mother and a devoted wife.

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